5 Best Places To Snorkel And Scuba Dive In New Zealand

New Zealand is truly an adventurous place for those of you who love to snorkel and scuba dive. Due to the fact of marine life being protected in various areas, there is an abundance of living creatures for you to see in this beautiful region of the world that is nothing short of amazing and breathtaking.E sure to bring a good snorkel or diving mask. Don’t yet have one? Check out some recommendations here.

Anchor Bay Beach
Because of the calm sea conditions, Anchor Bay Beach which is located on the Tawharanui Peninsula, is so much fun to explore. There are many wonderful sea life habitats in this Tawharanui Marine Reserve, which allows you to spot many common species prevalent in the area, but without lots of crowds of people. This is a relatively young reserve being only a few years in age. Anchor Bay Beach is situated to the north of Auckland, which makes it a pleasant day trip.

Goat Island.
Goat Island is the most popular destination for snorkeling in the Auckland region of New Zealand. During summer, crowds of people can be found in this marine reserve snorkeling amidst enormous stingrays and gigantic snappers. The deeper you go here the more varied the sea life, the dive tour operators all require the use of a scuba diving computer.

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A nice option for those who do not wish to be wet is to take a glass bottom boat tour that is offered by this marine reserve. The Goat Island Marine Discovery Center is not far from the beach and offers a lot of fabulous informative insights regarding the marine life of the region.

Kaikoura is a neat and welcoming south island town. It is well noted for amazing marine life such as albatross, dusky dolphins, sperm whales, fur seals and so much more. It is indeed a terrific and memorable experience to swim with these sea creatures. But your exploring would not be complete unless you take the time to do some exploration of the reefs of limestone and forests of kept in this magnificent world under water.

Cavallii Islands
In the region of the Cavallii Islands, you will be able to find a ship that has sunk. It was a ship that was trying to keep the peace but was sabotaged. Unfortunately in the year of 1985, the ship sank in the Auckland Harbour. Now it acts as an artificial reef located in the region of the Cavallii Islands. This area draws various types of interesting marine life that is fascinating to explore.

Pollen Island
Pollen Island is a place that is lively with action. There is much marine life both above the water and below the water. In fact, the sea life below the water seems to provide an eternal supply of food to many types of sea birds, which include white-face heron, pukeko, branded rail and more. Sure it is fun to get in the water and to explore. But the reality is that you are going to see a great show even before you get into the water as the birds dive for their meals of fish.

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