Air Conditioner Selection for An Amateurs Portrait Photography Home Studio

A keen amateur portrait photographer needs to rent professional photo studio, especially for a vital portrait session. Renting is very expensive, especially for an amateur.

Fortunately, they can set up a home studio for their photo shoots. There is no need to have access to 100 Sq. meter venue, but a spare room or garden tool shed. A small home studio can be helpful in honing your skills of working with equipment, light, and models.

Certainly, small space will demand flexibility, lots of creativity, and ability to compromise. The advantage of small home studio will actually teach you to take good photos in less ideal locations.

You will need plenty of portrait photographic materials and even daily accessories like furniture, step ladders, extensions and not to forget the heating and cooling system.

Which kind of air conditioner is suitable for the space and budget needs to be determined? Visit Amazon to check the variety of types available. However, looking at the assortment you may be struggling with questions like how will it affect your utility bill? What if window units are not allowed in the apartment?

Primary concern

The solution to your primary concern savings and comfort is discovering a unit, which fits your home studio space. A small sized unit is not powerful to cool the studio efficiently and can inflate your energy bill. A powerful large sized unit will cool the room quickly and shut off before the large percentage of humidity gets removed. Thus, the place will be cool, but damp. In addition, the rapid on and off cycling can stress the unit and reduce its lifespan.

Measure EER

Check the energy efficiency ratio to know how well the unit will operate when outdoor temperature is 95°. An air conditioner with Energy Star label displays its extra efficiency than needed by Government standards.

Ductless mini-split system

For a home portrait studio Lloyd ductless mini-split system is the best option. It can be mounted on the wall and operated with remote control. An outdoor compressor is included without any bulky ductwork involved. Outdoor and indoor unit is linked with tubing for refrigerant circulation.

Window AC

Window units are easy to install and inexpensive than ductless split system. For amateurs tight on budget this is also a good alternative to cool individual space. However, if you desire the AC to be inconspicuous then opt for ductless because its visual appeal is better in comparison.

Smart air conditioners

Choose a model that can be controlled with your Smartphone. You don’t need to leave the couch or on-hand task, just with your voice control the cooling in the studio. You can even build a temperature schedule, which helps to cut down energy bills.

Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are bulky, ugly, expensive, less efficient, and noisier. Moreover, they take valuable studio space, and use unattractive venting tubes, so need to be considered only, when there are no other options left.

Never get stuck with the idea of building a perfect studio equipped with all the equipment. What actually matters is your creativity and enthusiasm to take advantage of things available on-hand. A good cooling system will help you work without any stress offering best air quality within the space.

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