What Would Be Your Best Choice In LED TV – Samsung, LG Or Sony?

LED Television has captured the entire market segment. Their impeccable image quality help one experience a theater like display quality. LED TV is very sleek and slim. You can mount it either on the wall or place it on the stand, their portable nature makes it easy to fit into any area.

There are several advantages of investing in a LED TV. Several television companies have been providing the best viewing experience to its users. If you plan to purchase an LED TV, it is important to learn about each of them to choose the most appropriate TV manufacturing company among them.

Sony has been the most successful LED television making company to produce high end technological devices for national and international users. This television set can help you get a realistic screen experience along with the environment friendly mode. The image and audio quality are just amazing in these LED TV’s.

Features of LED TV Brand 1

Samsung is one of the top performer television manufacturing brands all across the globe. It offers brilliant image quality to viewers. The best part is that images look so realistic and crystal clear which would not have been possible with any other technology. Default setting makes colors look phenomenal.

There is only one drawback. A user can experience the image quality, only when the screen brightness reaches to its maximum. If screen brightness reduces, then the image quality also reduces. A user can watch full brightness only when the television is kept at a far distance from the eyes. If you have a small room, then there is a big risk that such a brightness can adversely impact your eyes.

Features of LED TV Brand 2

Another leading technology into manufacturing of LED television is LG. This company brings three-dimensional experience in all of their LED television models. The real 3-D experience that one gets is much like seeing a movie in a theater. One can also wear a 3-D glass to watch it.

The image quality provided by LG LED television set is very good in comparison to other technologies. One shortcoming of this model is that it lacks sound quality. Amazon is one of the best online ecommerce retailers where you can find an extensive range of top performing LED TVs at one place.

Features of LED TV Brand 3

Sony is the bestseller of LED televisions. They provide users with an option to easily adjust the brightness of the screen in accordance with the area where the television has been kept. Equipped with environment friendly mode, LED television models by this brand leads to a huge saving on your power bill.


All these companies are offering the best quality LED television in the market. They have their own pros and cons. It requires users to state their preference and see which of them meets their expectations to a large extent. Checking about the technology as well as features will also aid in making the right selection.

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