Do’s And Don’ts Of Dressing Up For An Audition

Dresses are an important part of an actor’s persona and the part he is playing. It projects an actor’s personality and it’s the basis of the look they want to present. While going for an audition the way an actor dresses is the first impression he gives to the hiring people. Apart from your acting skills, the dress you are wearing is an important part of appearing for an audition.

An agency like Amy Gossels casting can present you with an audition but getting the best out from this opportunity is in your hands. In addition, how you are dressed also plays an important part in the auditioning process. Amy Gossels is an expert on auditioning, producing, casting and carries a prestigious name along with an office in NYC. The casting agency is the best in providing auditioning opportunities and being associated with them may prove to be a building block of your acting career. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while dressing up for an audition.

Pick a dress that suits you

Choosing a dress that suits your body type is important since such a dress will project your actual personality. Such an outfit will highlight the best in you and it’s always better to project the best that you have rather than trying to highlight something you don’t have. When you wear a dress that suits your body type, it makes you feel confident and comfortable and in turn, it will help you focus on your acting.

Few of the things you should be careful about are

  • Choose jewelry that is of warm colors and enhance your skin tones.
  • If you are wearing a shirt, go for a collared V neck shirt.
  • The dress colors should be such that they don’t reflect or soak up the light. Avoid wearing beige, black, white, light pastel colors and dark-blue unless specifically mentioned by the casting director.
  • Avoid dresses and accessories that deflect the focus from your face such as striped, patterned, and bright colored dresses or logos and shiny jewelry.

Choosing the clothing type

The type of clothes that you should choose depends on the kind of role you are auditioning for. The wardrobe for an audition is normally mentioned by the casting director such as Uniforms, upscale casuals, casuals, outdoor or formal, etc. If nothing is mentioned go with a casual look, you can keep a pair of jeans just for auditions.

Actresses can wear almost anything provided they are not revealing and they are comfortable. The casual dresses are best for an audition since it makes you comfortable and confident, so that you can focus on the acting skills.


The other major parts of your looks are the shoes you will be wearing and your hairs. The shoe you are wearing should match your dress. A leather boot can be best suited for almost all type of dresses and occasions. Hairs are one of the important parts for a woman or a man with long hairs. They need to be kept out from your face so that your facial expressions are visible. The best way to achieve this is by using a hair spray.

All these factors along with the dress you wear play a major part in a successful audition. These things play an important role in making you feel comfortable and confident. Remember, the way you feel reflects greatly, in your performance.

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