The theory test is the first step towards getting a full driving license in your preferred vehicle class. Theory test online booking is probably the best way of booking the test because of the simplicity and speed of booking online.

When taking your theory test, it is important that you follow a few simple guidelines. These guidelines will ensure that the test runs smoothly for you, and that you avoid any distractions that may affect your performance in the test. The following are some basic rules to guide your behavior before and during the test.

  1. Have the required documents

When you arrive at the test center, the invigilators will request you to show them your driving license. Thus, it is imperative that you come with a full driving license that contains both parts. They will also ask for your name, so be sure to carry the required identification.

  1. Arrival time

Most instructors advise candidates to be at the test center thirty minutes before the test is set to begin. This will give you ample time to organize yourself, and get yourself settled down. You can also calm your thoughts in preparation for the test.

  1. Storing belongings

You will not be allowed to carry any belongings into the examination room, except maybe your keys. The instructors will provide you with a locker where you can store all the belongings that you came with, such as a bag. Other personal belongings you are not allowed to carry into the testing room include laptops, earphones, wallets, coats, books, food, and pens.

In addition, the use of mobile phones is prohibited in the examination room. Thus, you will need to switch your phone off before the test begins. If your phone rings, or if an invigilator catches you using your phone during the exam, you can be sure that you will be penalized for such disruptive behaviors.

  1. Behavior during the test

The invigilators will direct you to an individual booth within the testing room after entering your details in a registration log. When sitted in the booth, look at the details on the screen, and determine if they are correct. If they rightfully match your information, then you can proceed to take the test by pressing ‘Start’ on the screen.

On some occasions, test takers may encounter problems when taking the theory test. If you happen to come across a problem with the test, or you begin to feel unwell, simply raise your hand up and the invigilator will come to you. The invigilator will be able to assist you effectively, and you can proceed with the test.

  1. Behavior after the test

After completing the test, the invigilators will require you to leave the testing room quietly. A staff member will sign you out, and then direct you to collect your belongings from the locker that was ascribed to you. You can proceed to the waiting room where you can await the results of your theory test.

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