Things Not to Do After a Car Accident

When you meet with an auto accident, you’re likely to get panicky and nervous. In such situations, all you think about is what will happen next? In such cases, people get scared and run away from the scene. However, it is important to stay calm during such instances and think wisely. This guide will brief you some common mistakes that you should avoid making after a car crash.

Things Not to Do After a Car Accident

  • Fleeing from The Accident Scene

Irrespective of whether it was your mistake or other driver’s due to which car accident happened, you should never run from the accident spot. It is required as per the law to contact the law enforcement, check if the other driver is fine and exchange information. In some countries, fleeing from the accident spot is a punishable offence and can lead to jail or fine. Hence, no matter how bad the situation is, make sure that you don’t flee the accident spot.

  • Not Informing the Police

Another major mistake, which people make in car crashes is that they don’t call police. As per law, it is important to call the police and file a FIR. In case, there are no police officers on the accident spot, the details and proof of accident might get scattered leading to chances of disputes and ambiguity. Having police officers on the accident spot will ensure that you have the things documented with you. This will help you in creating required documentation, which will speed up the claim process.

  • Neglecting Documentation

In case, you have suffered losses on account of accident and you want to file a case for personal injury, documents can be really helpful. It is advisable to click pictures of the cars involved and the accident spot. Additionally, note the address, name and contact numbers of people involved. Moreover, make sure that you record the other driver’s vehicle insurance policy number and the company name. Keeping a record of police officer’s details who’s available on the accident spot can also be very helpful.

  • Admitting Mistake

Admitting your mistake either in a recorded statement or at the accident spot puts you, your lawyer and the insurance company at disadvantage. Sometimes, due to guilty feeling people make this mistake and take themselves responsible for the whole situation. However, this is not a good practice to follow as it is law enforcement professionals’ job to assign the fault.

  • Not Consulting a Car Accident Attorney

This is another mistake that most of the people facing injuries and losses in car accident cases make. It is important to consult a professional car accident attorney after car crash for valuable advice. Such lawyers have experience in handling similar cases and hence they can help you to recover losses. However, make sure that you visit a reputed lawyer who has good record in fighting such cases. In case, you reside in US, you can hire Bellevue car accident lawyers for consultation on car accident cases.


Hope this guide will help you to avoid common car crash mistakes.

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